Fusti - 50 Litre

Fusti - 50 Litre

The Fusti is a beautiful stainless steel container that is ideal to store and dispense a variety of liquids including olive oil, water, vinegar, wine, tea, juice, party drinks and more. Both elegant and useful!

The Fustis we offer are the Europa style made in Italy by highly regarded La Nuova Sansone. They are of the finest craftsmanship with strong, high quality welding and attractive, shiny finish that will not rust. Sansone Fustis are made from grade of 18/10 - AISI 304 stainless steel, which can withstand the corrosive nature of acids found in vegetables, milk, and fruits. Type 304 is often used for pots and pans and cooking utensils. It is commonly used in dairy, brewing and distilling.  The swivel valves (spigots) are made 18/10 - AISI 316 stainless which offers the highest level of protection from corrosion. Type 316 is used in many chemical industries as well as for surgical implants.

The special butt welding makes cleaning easier and avoids any accumulation of residues which are potential carriers of bacteria. Designed to keep contents fresher longer by minimizing exposure to light and air.

They are NSF approved to comply with health and safety standards.

Note that the convenient stainless steel swivel tap is included!

50 Litre Europa Style Fusti 
44 cm (17.3") high x 42 cm (16.5") diameter
23 cm (9") lid

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