About Us

Welcome to WE Winery Equipment

Thanks for stopping by, and since you are here, it is likely that you are an entrepreneur looking for a solution. You may be a winemaker, or you might make mead, brew beer or kombucha, or make juice drinks or cider. You may need something as simple as a piece of equipment, want to upgrade your present set-up, or are trying to bring commercial quality to a budding business in a unique way. Whether you are a small boutique operation, an urban winery, wine bar or expanding enterprise, WE Winery Equipment provides innovative and affordable solutions to producing commercial grade products at affordable prices.  If your challenge is to produce quality beverages on a modest scale, our products and services may be just what you are looking for. 

Complete Equipment Systems

We know how frustrating it can be to do the research necessary to put a system together of compatible parts.    WE offers complete winery systems with winery equipment at affordable prices.  Each system is customized to suit our customers’ needs. The components are built for compatibility and flexibility to accommodate growing production. This way, you can get up and running without paying for items you do not yet require or having to worry about mis-matched components that affect your efficiency.    Why not take advantage of our many years of experience, and talk to us about providing you with one of our complete winery system packages?  Also, you can easily start producing quality wine with one of our smaller systems, and increase your capacity when you are ready.

 The WE Winery Equipment Promise

Stewart Petrie is the founder of WE Winery Equipment.  He and the WE staff bring you over 30 years experience with inventing, designing and producing winery and related equipment. We will work with you to adapt a system to suit the requirements of your operation.
  • We care about your success
  • Provide affordable solutions
  • Fully support our products
  • Ship world wide

  WE Exclusive Products

Be sure to check our exclusive and innovative equipment, designed to simplify your operation. Our on-going research and development has led to the invention and re-invention of several key products.   Take a look around our Webstore, and don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements. We are pleased to help.
At WE, the question we are always asking is… “How can we make relatively small scale production equipment to emulate high efficiency large volume methods at a reasonable price - no matter where the business is located?”

You will be pleased with our equipment for many years to come!