Cleaning Station Keg & Carboy

Cleaning Station Keg & Carboy

This multi purpose cleaning station is a highly efficient way to thoroughly clean your kegs and fermentation vessels such as carboys. Its unique, compact design is ideal for small wineries, kombucha brewers, ferment on premise operations, craft breweries and cider houses.   

The solid stainless steel construction features two separate sections.  One for power washing using your choice of sterilizing solution that is recycled back into the washer basin. The second to thoroughly rinse each container with fresh water.  It can be used to spray wash and rinse fermentation tanks, canisters, carboys, fermenters and lids.  Mobile attachments can be custom designed to clean vessels located throughout your workshop.  The cleaning station comes with a reliable and powerful pump and thermostat controlled built-in heating element for even greater efficiency.  Both the wash and rinse cycles can be controlled by convenient wall-mounted timer switches.

Variable run time using wall mounted timers and Start/Stop safety switch

Capable of “quick clean” rinsing prior to immediate use
Low operating cost – uses recycled warm chemical solution (less than $1 /use)
Easy loading and unloading at convenient working height.

Sturdy, reliable and compact design (36" long x 18" wide x 28" high)

• Stainless steel washing basin 18” x 18” with solid spray wand, carboy placement ring and manual drain valve
• Stainless steel rinsing basin 18” x 18” with solid spray wand, carboy placement ring and continuous drain
• Heating coil element with thermostat controls
• ½ horsepower stainless process pump

For Cornelius style Kegs, we can add tubing with ball lock fittings for both the wash and rinse cycles.

• ¾ inch cold water supply with ball valve
• Solenoid valve for wall-mounted timer switch
• Shared 3 inch MPT drain
• 110 Volt, 15 amp circuit for both washing pump and heating coil
• (2) wall mounted timer switches
• Hammer suppressor & back flow preventer, where necessary

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