Chilling Pod

Chilling Pod

The WE Chilling Pod is an efficient method to cool your wine, cider, kombucha or mead. Use it to control the temperature when transferring or for cold stabilizing your product.  A great alternative to jacketed tanks!  Perfect for smaller sized vessels up to 1,000 Litres (264 US gallons). Your product gently passes through an attractive external unit that will reduce the temperature quickly and accurately before flowing back into your tank. Combined with a small glycol chilling deck, you use the digital controls to set your target temperature anywhere from room temperature down to near freezing.

The WE Chilling Pod comes complete with transfer hoses and stainless steel shut-off, all with sanitary 1½” tri-clamp fittings.  It  is very easy to set up and to operate.  The pump has a flow rate of 3 GPM and only requires a standard 115 volt plug-in outlet.    It becomes completely portable when placed on a cart.

Use your own chilling deck, or see our recommended products GD 125 or GD 250 units for details.  Just give us a call to determine the correct size of chiller for your application.

One year guarantee!

Enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel casing
22" L x 14" W x 14" D
3 GPM pump - 115 volt
5 ft. 1/2" braided inlet hose with 1.5" TC fitting  included
10 ft. 1/2" braided outlet hose with 1.5" TC fitting included
Stainless steel control off valve with 1.5" TC clamps

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