As the demand for wine continues to grow, so does the need to satisfy customers with innovative and environmentally friendly wine service. Long-held (often stuffy) traditions have been replaced with vibrant new marketing and packaging. The time is right for Wine On Tap!

Today, we have a distinctive vehicle to maximize this tremendous opportunity by serving wines on tap. Serving glasses or carafes of your wine from a decorative dispense tap is highly efficient. It replaces the need to order, open and stock wine bottles. Reduce the cost of packaging when you dispense your wines from kegs or bag-in-box. Spoilage is practically non-existent. No need to worry about loss of quality from opened bottles. It is also an effective technique to increase sales by offering small sample pours and flights. Wine On Tap is labor saving too, especially when serving many glasses at a time. Position your business ahead of the rest while reducing your costs!

WE offers professional quality wine towers at great value. They are suitable for either wine kegs or bag-in-box. Choose from our wide selection of durable towers that have been specially outfitted for wine. This includes 304 stainless steel components such as shanks, faucets and tubing.

Attach your wine tower to your bar with our solid clamp-on fixture or mount your tower directly into your bar top. You can add beautiful medallion holders (both lit and unlit available) with your own graphic design! 

We have made the wine tower selection process straight-forward:

  1. Select your choice of tower from our on-line store  Wine on Tap 
  2. Choose clamp-on including drip tray or bar mounted with drip tray extra
  3. Decide how many taps you would like and which type of handle (chrome, red & wihite or black)
  4. Do you want medallions holders with lenses?
  5. Give us a call 1-888-647-5568 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss your order and any special request.

We will gladly provide advice to your Installer to ensure you have everything needed for your wine tap system.

Wine On Tap gives you an opportunity to promote your establishment as unique and iinnovative.  Call us to discuss your Wine On Tap dispending needs.  WE will save you time and money. Learn more.

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